The Basic of How Dirt is Suspended in Water

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 Knowing how dirt is suspended in water will not only make you more knowledgeable about some complicated Chemistry stuffs. This will also help you decide whether a certain detergent powder is better than the other. So, how do dirt become suspended in water using a detergent powder?

 Detergent’s Secret Weapon

You see, detergent powders are composed of different chemicals that help together in fighting dirt, grime, oil, yellowness, and other stains. Among these are the surfactants.

Surfactants help the water’s ability to wet things more. Observe this, when you wet you hands with pure water, you see some droplets of water grouping together, making your hand not uniformly wet. But when you use soap, you see the water spread over your hand and you are able to clean your hands more effectively.

That’s exactly the answer on how dirt is suspended in water. Once the water has a detergent, the surfactant it has makes the water “wetter,” allowing other chemicals to sip through clothes and suspend dirt.

What’s more interesting is that these surfactants have two ends in their molecules. One end attracts dirt while the other end attracts water. Therefore, the surfactants help water get more hold of the dirt to break it up so you can wash the dirt away using the water and the surfactant.

More than Surfactants

Aside from the surfactant, detergents also use other chemicals for other cleansing needs like optical brighteners, which keep your clothes brighter.

Bleach is added as well to get rid of the yellowness. Your clothes may also get rid of the foul smell with perfumes added to the detergent formula. Some detergents also have fabric softener that helps keep you clothes soft and easy to iron.

With the power of detergent, not only dirt is suspended in water. It can do more than just that like making clothes softer, more fragrant, and brighter. Now that you know how dirt is suspended in water, you surely can tell now if a certain detergent brand is helpful or not.