Contract Agreement

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Contract Agreement 


This Agreement is made on: 




A. Speedy Maids (The Company) and 

B.  (The Client) 


1. The Company agrees to provide cleaning services to the Client on the basis of 

a) Bronze Clean 

b) Silver Clean 

c) Gold Clean 


2. The length of the contract shall be on a on going basis, with four cleans notice or four cleans payments on the clients part to end this contract. 


3. The Company agrees to provide a high level of service, and will guarantee this service. The high level shall be decided by the client, and if the company does not meet with these standards, will refund the payment for that clean,  we ask that the client gives the company the chance to correct the poor clean first. If then the client feels that the company has acted in a professional way in the correction, the client shall not with hold payment. 


4. The client agrees not to employ, whether as an employee, agent, contractor or subcontractor, as a cleaner or housekeeper, any person employed  (or ex- employee) by speedy maids as an employee, contractor, sub contractor, or agent. without the full written approval of speedy maids 


 This prohibition shall stay in force for a period of twelve calendar months since the last date of the clients, or staff members agreement with us. 


5. I the undersigned client have read, understood, and agree to all of the above 





Client Signature:On behalf of Speedy Maids 





Print Name:Print Name