What Is A Surfactant And How Does It Work With Detergents?

What Is A Surfactant And How Does It Work With Carpet Cleaning Solutions?

Which Carpet Cleaning Solution?

What is a surfactant and how does it work? In a nutshell, a surfactant is a compound of chemicals that lowers the surface tension of a liquid, thereby making it “wetter”. How does this then, work with carpet cleaning solutions?

Since a carpet cleaning solution job is to remove dirt and the like, a surfactant helps spread the water out, allowing it to interact more with the dirt, which is often organic and therefore, oily in nature. As the saying goes, “oil and water don’t mix”, and this is precisely because of the surface tension of any kind of water. With a surfactant added into the mix, the water loses a bit of that tension, allowing for water to get into the dirt and allow it to be washed away, thus leaving the carpet clean and free from dirt.

There are many kinds of carpet cleaning solutions? In fact, there are indeed several types of surfactants, which many carpet cleaning solutions use to give consumers specialized detergents for particular soils.

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