What Carpet Cleaning Solution Is The Best – Fibresafe Gold

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Fibresafe Gold is a professional extraction formula developed for safe and effective cleaning of wool and stain resistant nylon carpet fibres.

it comes in powder form that mixes with water to produce your solution. it also comes with the “woolsafe Approval certification” this will keep your carpet “Soft Feeling Under Foot”

Fibresafe Gold incorporates a self neutralising pH system which reduces the risk of colour bleed, texture change and re-soiling. This is important as high pH can strip out your carpet stain protection

We like this solution as its has the self neutralising pH, working in the UK where we have mostly wool carpets its a must have for us.

This solution is designed to remove any dirt that is bonded to the carpet fibres on light soiled carpets.

Because it comes with a “Causes serious eye irritation.” warning we give it a 9/10

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