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What follows is my notes and quotes from the white paper. “

“A call for an integrated strategy for hygiene behaviour change in home and everyday life International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene, Oct 2018 “

A call for an integrated strategy for hygiene behaviour change in home and everyday life  

International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene, Oct 2018  

visual cleanliness does not necessarily mean “microbiologically safe”. 

Not all germs, microbes, bacteria whatever you wish to call them are harmful to us. We need to sperate the good from the bad when we talk about them. 

“Most experts now agree that the rapid rise in allergies and other diseases in the last 50-60 years is largely down to changes in lifestyle. This includes increasing preference for C-section rather than natural childbirth, bottle rather than breast feeding, less sibling interaction and less time spent outdoors. Once acquired, altered diet and excessive use of antibiotics can adversely affect our ability to sustain a healthy microbiome.” 

We must maintain hygiene standards where every we can. And protect ourselves against infections from bad microbes. (germs) 

“A key problem is the fact that the public has become confused about hygiene – what it is and how it differs from cleanliness. Significant confusion arises because we still hold to the idea that dirt is the main source of harmful germs, and that hygiene means cleanliness aimed at eradicating dirt: in other words, the belief that cleanliness and hygiene are the same thing.” 

“widespread publicity given to the “hygiene” hypothesis since the 1990s has led to a prevalent conviction that we have become “too clean for our own good”. (NOT TRUE) The misconception that we need exposure to harmful germs to build a strong immune system is still being constantly repeated.” 

“we need to balance trends towards reducing laundry temperatures against data showing that this causes a reduction in hygiene efficacy. Evidence shows that clothing and household linens in close contact with the body can be a means of spread of antibiotic resistant strains associated with our skin and bowel microflora” 

“This means recognising that the main sources of harmful microbes are not places which are ‘dirty’, but contaminated foods, domestic animals (pets), and people who are infected or are healthy carriers of potentially harmful microbes. Since the presence of these potential sources in the home is inevitable,”

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