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The Bonus When You Use Our Carpet Cleaning Services (Free Stuff)

Holistic Carpet Care Explained

holistic carpet cleaning

My name is Ian Harper and I am a carpet cleaner in the UK. I am certified by city and guilds in cleaning science. We offer a range of holistic carpet cleaning services for you to choose from. You get more than just great looking carpets. You will get our on going support though out after care services that are included.

Stain Free Carpets

Having a spillage on your carpet that could become permanent is a risk. Its the leading reason why people rip up carpets and turn to hard floors. So we are here to help prevent this. We can help you in many different ways to achieve stain free carpets.

The core way that we do is thought making sure you have stain remover always on hand. with a bottle that free refills for life. next what happens if the spillage is one that you know where you might need professional help?

This is where our spillage callout voucher comes in. This voucher entitles you to phone us and we will come our free of charge and help you clean up the spillage on any carpet we have cleaned in the past. and the great part is that we renew this voucher every year.

Why Free Carpet Cleaning After Care?

We know that any successful carpet cleaner need to build relationships with people like you. The cost to us for providing our carpet cleaning after care is so low that we would be mad not to offer it.

Why Certified Carpet Cleaning Is Better!

Having been trained by City And Guilds I have always taken the “Cleaning and Hygiene” approach to cleaning. it’s a two-step method where you first clean the visible dirt then use whatever method to kill any viruses or bacteria, I use these words because the word germ has been misused by the media for many years. you can read a white paper listed below. we want to back up what we say with science from other sources, proving to you that you can trust what we say.

Perceptions of cleanliness, hygiene and hygiene issues

– a survey of UK and US media coverage 1989 to 2017 By Sally F Bloomfield, From, International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene. 

Cleaning is not just about the removal of visible dirt. or a onetime clean. it’s about cleaning in a hygienic way then maintaining that environment over time.

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