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Hi and welcome to my site. My name is Ian Harper And I provide carpet cleaning services in Southend on sea and Leigh On Sea. So are you thinking about cleaning your carpets with a Rug Doctor? We’ve got you covered with more information about carpet cleaning with a Rug Doctor Than you will ever need. Contact Us Here

First, we will give you the locations around Southend On Sea, Billericay, South Woodham Ferrers where you can hire a rug doctor. Then we will move on to the basics of cleaning your carpets with a Rug Doctor. I will also give you my advice on carpet cleaning problems people face when cleaning carpets with a Rug Doctor.

The rug Doctor is a great little machine but does have its limits and if you read some of the reviews and chat online about rug Doctors you would think overwise. Let’s be honest here its about people’s expectations. There is a very good reason why professional carpet cleaning is a thing. Rug doctors are designed to deal with light soil. Medium and heavy should be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner.

What Is The Difference Between Rug Doctors And Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines?

Simply it’s the amount of water that can be used to flush out the dirt. When you wash anything depending on the level of dirt it will require more rinsing. So, on a professional carpet cleaner the pump that delivers the water is much larger. And then you will need extra vacuum power to recover that water or your carpet will be soaking.

But I Have Seen Videos On YouTube That Prove Rug Doctors Can Deal With Heavy Soil

Rug Doctor On YouTube

Yes, and I have seen those as well what they don’t show or tell is how wet they are when they have finished cleaning with the Rug Doctor. This is important because the longer a carpet takes to dry the more chance bacteria will have to grow and that is what causes the odour. Also when using the Rug Doctor The speed that you move with it will determine how much water is going into your carpet, so slow will mean more water and fast less water. Its far better to go fast and leave the carpet to dry and then repeat until the carpet is clean. than try and get all the dirt out of your carpet in just one try. Because you are hiring the Rug Doctor this can cause people to panic and not clean the carpet as they should. AS I said Rug Doctors are great just don’t let your carpets get over soiled and everything will work out fine. Far better to hire the rug doctor over a week then one day.

Where Can I Hire A Rug Doctor?

Any B&Q store Or Tesco

How Do I Use The Rug Doctor?

Rug Doctor FAQs

Rug Doctor FAQs

As you can see from the image there is lots of questions about rug doctors. So what I have done in put them all into our chatbot “cleanavanglist” you can find her below just open her up and type in your question and you should get my answer. image here

What Can Go Wrong When Using A Rug Doctor?

Like most things nothing ever run smooth for everyone. That does not mean that you should not clean your own carpets with a rug doctor. What I have noticed is that when you read reviews it all sound so negative. That’s because people will always write these reviews when things go wrong and not when everything works as it should. Plus, they are all together and that never looks good. Just think how many happy people have used a rug doctor compared to those few negative experiences.

Rug doctor customer service comes in for some negative comments. I am sure that this is not a true reflection for most people using the call centre. Next on the list is the rug doctors themselves. because you are renting these machines and most of the time they are from supermarkets the staff that take them in after the rental don’t check to see if they have been cleaned out. This is a problem for the next renter. So check before you sign that the rug docor is clean. Rug Doctor do have service vans but it’s an imposable task for them to able to check each rug doctor after its been out.

You should be practical about the time it will take to clean your carpets and hire for a minimum of two days. Because if when dry you might feel it needs going over again. Its ot going to take two days but given that it can take a few hours to dry out completely you will need the extra day. You could rent the rug doctor with a family member or friend so you would only end up paying for a day. Plus you would also save money on products if you share.

Spot and Stains

The way you tell a spot from a stain is the spot will normally be sticky and black. Stain are damage which can be reversed by a expert sometimes but no guarantee they will come out. If you always follow the product instructions and you’re not seeing any difference then it’s a stain.

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Rug Doctor Versus Questions

bissell professional cleaning rug doctor versus steam cleaning vax karcher britex green machine bissell proheat 2x hoover stanley steemer bissell proheat bissell portable

You will find lots of choice when it come to carpet cleaning from brands to carpet cleaning methods. They all work. The real problem is people leaving carpet far to long between cleans. Its advisable to clean once a year, may be twice and in rare case more often if you have sick child or pet. So not carpet cleaner brand or carpet cleaning method should be excluded from your choice. Just take into account the soil levels and match machine and method to it.

Rug Doctor FAQs

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