Rug Doctor Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: which carpet cleaner is the best to rent

Answer: You have two types to choose from. The first is a push or pull machine (rug doctor) or you can get an alternative that looks like a old type vacuum cleaner with a hose and wand. Rug Doctors are normally available from large DIY and Supermarkets and the second from tool hire shops and dry cleaners. the big advantage with the second type is that they are smaller and will fit in a car boot no problem. rug doctors will fit but are heaver and larger.

Question: rug doctor vs bissell

Answer: Both rug doctor and bissell are great brands. ease of use and method are more important questions

Question: rug doctor vs commercial

Answer: How dirty are your carpets? if you are being proactive then rug doctor is fine, but if they look dirty then commercial is the way to go

Question: rug doctor vs home depot rental

Answer: All carpet cleaners will clean carpets its about picking the right machine and carpet cleaning method that matches the situation.

Question: rug doctor vs bissell pawsitively

Answer: they are both good carpet cleaning machines. if you are in any doubt about the performance of a carpet cleaner then it might be advisable to get a professional carpet cleaner in. One big problem is that adverts for these machine can look great but no two situations are they same so result do differ.

Question: rug doctor vs home carpet cleaner

Answer: Learning how to use different carpet cleaning methods with both the rug doctor and home carpet cleaner will improve results when you are dealing with a challenging situation.

Question: rug doctor vs karcher

Answer: Both are great, but ask them to deal with a heavily soiled carpet and you will need to go over, let dry, and repeat until the carpet is clean.

Question: rug doctor vs stanley steemer

Answer: No comparison, Stanley Steamer

Question: rug doctor versus bissell spot cleaner

Answer: with respect, The answer is in the question “spot cleaner”

Question: rug doctor vs bissell proheat 2x

Answer: Both are great carpet cleaners. its really down to how you use them. carpet cleaning is so much more than the machine. with lots to know. check out our wiki for more info on what you need to know before cleaning a carpet

Question: rug doctor vs vax

Answer: Both will clean your carpet well. what you need to ask is what your asking them to clean. high soil levels need professional carpet cleaning methods.

Question: rug doctor vs professional

Answer: When a carpet is really dirty and after the detergent has broken the dirt bind down the amount of water needed to flush the dirt away increases with soil levels. so if your using more water to flush you need more vacuum power to recover that dirty water. This is the difference between pro machines and rental.

Question: rug doctor vs professional carpet cleaner

Answer: If you are being proactive with your carpet cleaning then rug doctors are fine. But if your carpet looks dirty then a professional carpet cleaner will be a much better choice.

Question: rug doctor vs bissell steam cleaner

Answer: They both clean carpet very well. What it comes down to is the way you use these carpet cleaners and how easy are they to use. rug doctors are larger and might be on the heavy side, where bissells are much more like a vacuum cleaner in size. Letting your carpets get really dirty is never a great idea as these machine do have limits. but if you are being proactive then they are both great carpet cleaners

Question: rug doctor vs bissell rental reviews

Answer: They are both great what you need to judge is the level of soil in the carpet. both machines can handle dirty carpets, but leaving a carpet till it looks really dirty makes the job much harder for both carpet cleaners and may require a professional carpet cleaner.

We Clean Carpet In Your Local Area. Ian Harper Carpet Cleaning

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