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What Carpet Cleaning Solution Is The Best – Fibresafe Gold

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Fibresafe Gold is a professional extraction formula developed for safe and effective cleaning of wool and stain resistant nylon carpet fibres.

it comes in powder form that mixes with water to produce your solution. it also comes with the “woolsafe Approval certification” this will keep your carpet “Soft Feeling Under Foot”

Fibresafe Gold incorporates a self neutralising pH system which reduces the risk of colour bleed, texture change and re-soiling. This is important as high pH can strip out your carpet stain protection

We like this solution as its has the self neutralising pH, working in the UK where we have mostly wool carpets its a must have for us.

This solution is designed to remove any dirt that is bonded to the carpet fibres on light soiled carpets.

Because it comes with a “Causes serious eye irritation.” warning we give it a 9/10

How long do bacteria and viruses live outside the body? Cold viruses,

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viruses can sometimes survive on indoor surfaces for more than seven days. viruses survive for longer on non-porous (water resistant surfaces, such as stainless steel and plastics.
than porous surfaces, such as fabrics and tissues. their ability to cause an infection reduces rapidly and they don’t often survive longer than 24 hours. Most viruses which cause colds only survive on hands for a short amount of time. Some only last for a few minutes but 40% of rhinoviruses, a common cold-causing virus, are still infectious on hands after one hour.
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), another cold-like virus that can cause serious illness in children, can survive on worktops and door handles for up to six hours, on clothing, and tissues for 30-45 minutesand on skin for up to 20 minutes.

7 Question “Will Febreze”
1. Will febreze kill ants? No its designed to be around humans, pets, etc
2. Will febreze stain clothes? It is made to be used on fabrics.
3. Will febreze remove smoke smell? Yes that’s it main job. In fact it the reason we have it because a wife of a design chemist thought he gave up smoking.
4. Will febreze cover weed smell? Yes
5. Will febreze hurt a dog? No its designed to be used on carpets.
6. Will febreze damage leather? Not sure, Why not test a area that hidden and leave for some time?
7. Will febreze remove vomit smell? Yes

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Question: Who Discovered Surfactants


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The history of soap has ancient origins: the first evidence of the manufacture and use of soap dates back to the Babylonian civilization.

The Leblanc process was an early industrial process for the production of soda ash (sodium carbonate) used throughout the 19th century, named after its inventor, Nicolas Leblanc.

Ernest Solvay In 1861 developed the Solvay process. The process was an improvement over the earlier Leblanc process.

The formulations of detergents currently in use are complex and diversified depending on their intended use.

anionic: these have a negative electrostatic charge and are the most common. Compounds such as alkyl benzene sulphonates, alkyl sulphates, alkyl ethoxy sulphates and alcohol ethoxy sulphates belong to this class;

cationic: these have a positive electrostatic charge. Compounds such as quaternary ammonium salts and quaternary esters belong to this class;

non ionic: these have no net electrostatic charge, so they are less sensitive to the hardness of the water. Polar compounds such as ethoxylated alcohols and alkylamine oxides belong to this class;

amphoteric: these are able to assume a positive or negative electrostatic charge, depending on the type of solution in which there are present. Compounds such as betaines and alkylamino-oxides belong to this class.

Nicolas Leblanc

How To Clean Wool Carpets?

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Step 1: Vacuum

vacuum wool carpet

Tip: Take Your Time As Most Of The Dirt In A Carpet Is Dry.

Step 2: Spray The Carpet With Fibresafe that has been mixed to right dilutions into the pressure bottle

Tip: Only spray a working area and not he full carpet.

Step 3: Use The Carpet Rake To Rake In The Solution To The Carpet

Tip : Let this dwell For 10 Minutes

Step 4: Full the hot water extraction carpet cleaner with water and add the rinse mixed to the right ratio

Tip: position the carpet at the full hose lengths so you can work backwards

Step 5: Now extract the pre spray solution from the carpet.

Tip: Getting the speed of extraction is very important as to fast and you will not rinse the dirt out the carpet or to slow and you will over wet the carpet and cause problems.

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