More Than Just Clean Carpets “Holistic Cleaning”

Our cleaned carpets are not any cleaner than other carpet cleaners But our services are massively different in value for money and our holistic approach to cleaning.

Mr Ian Harper

Hi. my name is Ian Harper and I clean carpets in the local area, and I am certified by city and guilds in cleaning science. I am extremely excited to share with you why the carpets I clean are different from other local carpet cleaners.

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So, what are you getting apart from a clean carpet? We can promise you more than just a clean carpet.

  1. More Than Just Visible Dirt Removal, Holistic Cleaning
  2. Three Years Of Anti Stain After Care. Better Than Expensive Stain Protection.
  3. Our Consumers Guide To Choosing A Carpet Cleaner.

More Than Just Dirt Removal! Holistic Approach To Cleaning.

holistic carpet cleaning

Our service is not like other carpet cleaners. First we don’t just remove the visible dirt, we finish each clean by protecting you from any germs and odours.  with an application of a product called “Micro Kill” So your carpets don’t just look clean but are hygienically clean.

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3 Years Of Anti Stain After Care, Included With Every Carpet Clean (holistic cleaning)

Read Consumers Guide “Choosing A Carpet Cleaner” By The Cleanavanglist

consumers guide to carpet cleaning

Read Carpet Cleaning Consumers Guide Here

The Bottom Line

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You are getting more than just a clean carpet. I want to provide the absolute best experience for you and give you as much value out of your money. But Why And How? If you look at what I am providing it all has a higher value to you than the cost to me. That is a win, win, for us both. you get great value for money and I get to serve you with our holistic cleaning approach.


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