Our Antibiotic Resistance Campaign

germ home carpet cleaningOur Antibiotic Resistance Campaign

Infection Control In The Home

Hygiene as you will know is important and will become more because of antibiotic resistance.  Being cleaners hygiene is the part  that is not visible that we do every time we do our job.

We are not in the business of scaring people about hygiene we will leave that to the media. Much of what you read is ill informed. We highlight this in our social media.

But what can we do in a positive way to stop the spread of viruses for you? Well we use a product that’s totally safe called micro kill on every clean. But we want to do more.

Not only will we spray after each clean but, if anyone comes down with a virus within a year of our clean we will come and apply Micro Kill to the carpet where they spent most of their time. Also we will give you some micro kill to wipe down hard services. This part is the important one because that is where viruses survive the longest.

Check out Our Video “How long do bacteria and viruses live outside the body”

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