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One Spillage Voucher Valid For 3 Years

One Free Bottle Of Carpet Spotter (Free Refills)

Free Bottle Of FebrezeĀ 

What Is This All About? Spillages have a much higher chance of being removed when they are wet. Let the spillage dry and you have a high chance of it become a stain that will require

carpet cleaning voucher
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restoration which is much more difficult to removal.

So you want to give yourself every chance for the spillage not becoming damage and requiring restoration. We offer you this call out voucher that  you can keep for 3 years. So what does it cover? A free call out for me to come and try and help your situation.  Lets be clear it does not cover some spillages like paint, nail varnish, After party,  You also need to understand that you must take full responsibility for the spillage and may be asked to sign a disclaimer, after all it is a free service

Sounds limited? maybe, but it might just save the day. Carpet cleaners would charge you their minimum charge for this type of call out.  (Voucher Valid Only On Areas We Have Cleaned) After Care Proof Of Concept Peoples Full Stories Here

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