Is it bad to clean your carpets often?

Is It Bad To Clean Your Carpets Often?

Is It Bad To Clean Your Carpets Often?

Not bad but it can cause problems with resoiling (carpet getting dirty quicker).

So, have you ever had the experience when you use a carpet stain remover to clean a spillage or stain on you carpet and it goes away but comes back? This can be for a few reasons but the most popular reason is that too much stain remover was used and a residue of the stain remover has been left behind in the carpet and is now attracting dirt making it look like the stain is returning.

Now think about if you cleaned your carpets and overused the detergent in the carpet cleaner. You would now have a situation like the stain remover. It important that you use the right dilutions and detergent for the machine you are using. using detergents that are not designed for carpets can also cause problems with rapid resoiling.

As far as how often you should clean a carpet? that depends on your situation, like pets, children, and what rules you have in place about shoes off etc. the recommended time is yearly and at the most six monthly to two years depending on the traffic the carpet has.

Below is a video about a product that the first half explains this. it uses a shampoo as the example. That then goes on to sell their product.

If you are having problems then give Tina a call and if you live local we can come to your home and give you some advice on what might be going wrong with you particular situation. you will receive a free bottle of stain remover if you ask for a quote, so you have nothing to lose. we don’t hard sell so no need to worry about that.

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