How To Clean Wool Carpets?

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Step 1: Vacuum

vacuum wool carpet

Tip: Take Your Time As Most Of The Dirt In A Carpet Is Dry.

Step 2: Spray The Carpet With Fibresafe that has been mixed to right dilutions into the pressure bottle

Tip: Only spray a working area and not he full carpet.

Step 3: Use The Carpet Rake To Rake In The Solution To The Carpet

Tip : Let this dwell For 10 Minutes

Step 4: Full the hot water extraction carpet cleaner with water and add the rinse mixed to the right ratio

Tip: position the carpet at the full hose lengths so you can work backwards

Step 5: Now extract the pre spray solution from the carpet.

Tip: Getting the speed of extraction is very important as to fast and you will not rinse the dirt out the carpet or to slow and you will over wet the carpet and cause problems.

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