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Why Is This So Important? Cleaning is so much more than looking clean. We all know how important this is with regards to our kitchens and bathrooms. but these days will need to be mindful about everything we have contact with. that does not mean being paranoid about bacteria just being penetrative. In the past just washing your hands would do but now we must wash dry then sanitise to know that they are clean.

Being a cleaner this stuff natters to me. and with the media making everyone paranoid about it causes people to take the position that anyone that cares has OCD. One study that documents the media reporting that illustrates this is,  Perceptions of cleanliness, hygiene and hygiene issues – a survey of UK and US media coverage 1989 to 2017 By Sally F Bloomfield, From, International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene. Look it up its very good


One Spillage Voucher Valid For 3 Years

What This All About? Spillages have a much higher chance of being removed when they are wet. Let the spillage dry and you have a high chance of it become a stain that will require

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restoration which is much more difficult to removal.

So you want to give yourself every chance for the spillage not becoming damage and requiring restoration. We offer you this call out voucher that  can keep for 3 years. So what does it cover? A free callout for me to come and try and help your situation.  Lets be clear it does not cover some spillages like paint, nail varnish, After party,  You also need to understand that you must take full reasonability for the spillage and may be asked to sign a disclaimer.

Sounds limited? maybe, but it might just save the day. Carpet cleaners would charge you their minimum charge for this type of call out.  (Voucher Valid Only On Areas We Have Cleaned)


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Free Bottle Of Carpet Spotter 

Have you ever wondered why that spot keeps coming back? Well its because you have contaminated the area with whatever you used to clean it up.

Our spotter is what we call micro splitter that work different to detergent and will not cause re-soiling.

This bottle of carpet spotter comes with a free refill so as long as you have the bottle then we can refill it for you at no charge as many times as you need over the next 3 years.

The spotter is safe and not at all toxic.


Free Bottle Of Febreze 

Adverts for cleaning products are notorious for making claims that are probably best taken with a pinch of salt. But the chemistry underpinning so-called ‘odour neutralising’ sprays is actually fascinating, as they do far more than just mask one smell with another. Certain molecules within the spray have special properties that attract and capture molecules responsible for bad odours using a cage-like structure. A video released by the American Chemical Society explains how odour neutralising sprays actually work.


Our Prices 

When looking for carpet cleaner you will find a wide range of prices from super low to very high. Why? Carpet cleaning is a profession that you can practice without any certifications. Which is unfair from my point as i studied cleaning science that’s certified by city & guilds? Next is the type of business that you get carpet cleaning can be from someone cleaning part time to franchises. So business overheads differ for each and that’s why you get this wide price range. We always have deals going on and give discounts on the room price the more you have cleaned

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billericay carpet cleaningTo some degree, all of us are attracted by low price because we want to work within a budget. But some carpet cleaners use price as the bait for their false and misleading advertising. They offer a cheap price–usually between £3.95 and £9.95 per room–and then, once they’re in your home, they pressure you into buying “add-ons.” It’s as if you were buying a car and found that the dealer was charging you extra for the tires and steering wheel. Carpet cleaning is not as cheap as some unethical carpet cleaners would like you to believe.


shenfield carpet cleaningDual process carpet cleaning describes the process of shampooing or heavy preconditioning, followed with hot water extraction cleaning. Unfortunately, unethical carpet cleaners often use dual process as a bait-and-switch technique. Here’s how it’s done: first, they “bait” you with a basic cleaning (single process) at an unbelievably low price. Then, when you call, they try to “switch” you to more expensive dual-process cleaning. If you don’t fall for their switch and choose their basic service, you’ll likely receive poor workmanship with no guarantees.


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You’ll read this in almost every ad. You’ll hear this from virtually every carpet cleaner. Remember this: the method that’s best for you is the method that achieves your goal. If you want a method that dries quickly, then a method that takes a long time to dry isn’t the best for you. So before you choose a carpet cleaner, identify your objectives. Then select the method that best reaches those objectives.


south woodham ferrers carpet cleaningYears ago, many people believed this was true because their carpets were damaged by “technicians” who didn’t know how to properly clean using hot water. But today, we know it’s false. By washing and then rinsing your carpet with hot water, your carpet is thoroughly cleaned–in the same way that the person who
showers and then rinses off the dirt and soap will be much cleaner than the person who takes only a sponge bath. Obviously, each carpet cleaner will be biased towards his own method. And each method does have advantages. So I suggest you look to what carpet manufacturers say. Shaw Industries, the largest carpet manufacturer in the world, recommends only hot water extraction cleaning.


about carpet cleaners

You should wait as long as possible before cleaning your carpet.  Dirt is an abrasive like sandpaper. Every time you step on your carpet, you grind dirt into the carpet fibres. This cuts your carpet, just as if you had used a knife. A dirty carpet will not last as long as a clean carpet. And while vacuuming helps by itself, it’s simply not enough. The longer you wait to have your carpet cleaned, the more damage you do to your carpet and the faster it wears out. Most carpet warranties have frequency suggestions depending on usage, anywhere from every 6 months to as long as 18-24 months.
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The only reason to clean carpets is to remove the dirt. As you probably know, outdoor air contains pollens, fungus, bacteria, air pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhaust and hundreds of other chemicals. When you come into your home, you carry those pollens, bacteria and chemicals in your hair and on your skin, clothing and especially on the bottom of your shoes.
Not surprisingly, all those chemicals and toxins wind up in your carpet. If you have allergies, asthma, emphysema, or other breathing problems  one major source of your problem could b
e the pollens, fungus, smoke and chemicals in your carpet. The big advantage with carpet is that all these pollutants get trapped and your carpet acts like a filter, unlike hard floors where your more likely to breath them in as they blow around. Children and pets are closer to the floor so are more likely to take them into their bodies.
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One method of carpet cleaning is as good as another. The dry cleaning methods which are dry foam, dry chemicals and dry compounds do not rinse your carpet in any way. Instead, they leave a dirty residue. You might say they clean your carpet only halfway. The most effective cleaning method is hot water extraction. Hot water extraction means a hot water cleaning solution, under high pressure, is forced into your carpet and then power vacuumed out of your carpet.
Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, not only recommends hot water extraction as the primary method of cleaning carpets, it has made it a requirement as to maintain the warranty on their carpet products. Carpet cleaners use one of two types of hot water extraction. If they use a large unit that operates from a van or truck outside your facility, it’s called truck mounted extraction. If they use a small unit that can be brought inside, it’s called portable extraction. Also a small misconception is that the van mounted cleans better because of it power, not true. that power is so it can deliver hot water and recover dirty water at long distances.
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Having the right equipment is all a company needs to clean your carpets properly. Not true. Many companies own hot-water cleaners but very few companies teach their employees how to use them properly. This is why it’s important that you choose your carpet cleaner carefully. The best cleaning companies are those that have been certified by the National Carpet Cleaner association, known as the NCCA. Or like myself Certified In Cleaning Science By City & Guilds. Before you choose a carpet cleaner, ask to see proof of the company’s certifications. If they don’t have them, don’t use them.
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The company that offers the lowest price is the company you should hire. I’ve seen so many problems arise from lowest bid companies that I suggest you NEVER hire the company
that quotes the cheapest price. The two most common problems are:
(1) The price you’re quoted may not be for the services you want performed. The company may be equipped to only remove the surface dirt from your carpet. But you
may want bacteria, fungus, pollens, dust mites and tobacco residues, that reside deeper in your carpet removed as well.
(2) The price you see advertised may not be the price you pay.Many home owners have learned that the low price they saw advertised only lasted until the carpet cleaner got into their
home. Then they were pressured into paying a lot more for a variety of add ons. (Some carpet cleaners even break the law by using illegal bait-and-switch tactics.)
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Any honest carpet cleaning company should be able to give you an exact price quote over the telephone, and then follow up in writing. I wish this were true, but it is not always the case.Honest, reputable carpet cleaning companies usually will price their jobs in one of two ways. Either they price their service by the room or area (usually it will cover from 150 – 200 square feet). Or they will price it based by the square foot.
There really is no right or wrong way. It primarily comes down to a question of efficiency and valuing a client’s time. We have chosen to price our service by the area and therefore can give you a cost estimate based on the number of areas you’re looking to have cleaned. Where pricing by phone does become challenging is when there are special circumstances such as persistent pet odour or staining issues. In those cases we can give you a “guestimate” by phone and have our service technician evaluate the situation on-site and quote you an exact price.


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Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

When selecting a carpet cleaner, you have to choose from a wide variety of cleaning methods and price points.

All major carpet manufacturers either require or highly recommend hot water extraction by certified technicians, and this why Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, recommends hot water extraction.

Here’s why: Hoe water extraction cleans much better than other methods

(1) It heats the water to a higher temperature for better effective cleaning.

(2) It shoots the cleaning solution into your carpet at higher pressures, which breaks up the dirt, bacteria, chemicals and pollens.

(3) The machine uses stronger suction to draw the dirt, chemicals, bacteria, pollens and tobacco smoke residue out of your carpet.

carpet cleaning cost billericay Not surprisingly, it costs more to have your carpets cleaned thoroughly by professional certified technician that uses how water extraction, and it certainly costs more than renting a rug doctor. Believe it or not some so called “pros” actually use these same machines!

There are times when a rug doctor might be all you need when emergency cleaning arise, and it will get some of the dirt, but the key word here is “some” It is simply not powerful enough to pull out the pollens, chemicals, bacteria, dust mites, and pollution residues, and their tiny vacuum motors are notorious for leaving behind a lot of residue which causes your carpet o RE – SOIL VERY QUICKLY.

cost carpet cleaning southend on sea On the other hand, if you want your carpets to look good and last for years, then you need to have it cleaned by qualified professional technician at least every six months to one year. Depending on the amount of soiling and traffic you have in your home. And to maintain a HEATHLY HOME, you need to have it cleaned and sanitised thoroughly as only a powerful hot water extraction machine can do.