Holistic Cleaning Explained

holistic carpet cleaning

My name is Ian Harper and I am a carpet cleaner in the UK. I am certified by city and guilds in cleaning science.

We offer a range of carpet cleaning services. We call these services “Holistic”. The reason is that normally you would have your carpets cleaned and that would be that. well we offer after care that comes with that clean at no extra cost, so we can serve you long term. these after care services are matched to people’s different situations. so, after care for a baby would be different to a pet one. and so on…

Why certified carpet cleaning is better!

Having been trained by City And Guilds I have always taken the “Cleaning and Hygiene” approach to cleaning. it’s a two-step method where you first clean the visible dirt then use whatever method to kill any viruses or bacteria, I use these words because the word germ has been misused by the media for many years. you can read a white paper listed below.

Perceptions of cleanliness, hygiene and hygiene issues – a survey of UK and US media coverage 1989 to 2017 By Sally F Bloomfield, From, International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene

Cleaning is not just about the removal of visible dirt. or a onetime clean. it’s about cleaning in a hygienic way then maintaining that environment over time.

One last problem is that many people think that by taking a holistic approach that you must have OCD this simply is not true. we are not OCD about clean water. a clean healthy home its just that healthy.


Free Bottle Of Febreze With Every Carpet Cleaned Part Of Our Holistic Carpet Cleaning Approach

Adverts for cleaning products are notorious for making claims that are probably best taken with a pinch of salt. But the chemistry underpinning so-called ‘odour neutralising’ sprays is actually fascinating, as they do far more than just mask one smell with another. Certain molecules within the spray have special properties that attract and capture molecules responsible for bad odours using a cage-like structure. A video released by the American Chemical Society explains how odour neutralising sprays actually work.

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The Connection Between Space And Febreze

space and febreze

In 1996 at Procter and Gamble a chemist was working with a substance called hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin, or its friendlier lab name HPBCD.

Here is the story.

So this chemist goes home one night after working on HPBCD and his wife asks, “ Did you quit smoking?” No he said. He was suspicious she had been harassing him to give up smoking for years. Was this some kind of reverse psychology? “You don’t smell like smoke” she said.

The very next day he returned and started testing HPBCD out on various scented fabrics. Things like we wet dog, cigars, sweaty socks, Chinese food, musty shirts, dirty towels, When he put HPBCD in water and sprayed it on the samples the scents were drawn into HPBCD

This product became a household name and was so advanced that NASA would use it to clean the interiors of shuttles after returning from space.


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