Your Guide To Carpet Stain Protection. Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Its a product that coats the surface of the fibre. The image above shows how liquid sits on top of the carpet protected fibre. It comes in many brand names but they are work the same.

Is Worth The Investment?

Yes. But you must be aware of two things.

First that you will need to use a carpet cleaner that know how to clean a carpet with carpet protector on it, as harsh detergent can strip it off.

Second, It will need a top up in high traffic lanes on your carpet after about two cleans. This is because as the carpet protector coats the fibre foot traffic, and grit will cause abrasion.

Is Maintaining Carpet Protector Expensive?

This really depends on the cost of the investment in the carpet. on high end carpets no not really. you could make to same argument for medium priced carpets but it would depend on the type of usage and level of soiling between carpet cleans.

Bottom Line

Some carpets come from the factory with carpet protector already applied. This can be a massive advantage as this will give you a head start on maintaining the carpet and the cost.

Carpet protector is marketed like its bulletproof, (if you watch any demo video pay attention to the fact that all the carpets are brand new) its not, but it does give you a chance to keep you carpets stain free. as long as you clean up spillages while wet.

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