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Everything You Need To Know About Carpet Shampooers

Hi welcome to my website. My name is Ian Harper and I am a local carpet cleaner in Southend On Sea And Leigh On Sea. So you are here because you want to buy or find out more about “carpet shampooers”? Well I would like to help you make the right choice. I will try to be unbiased as possible, lets get started and find you the best carpet shampooer.

Carpet Shampooer Reviews

This is now harder than you would think. With so much choice for carpet shampooers and so many places to buy a carpet shampooer you cant see the wood for the trees. Most of these websites that review carpet shampooers are what is called “Affiliate Marketing Sites” what this means is that they are shops. The problem here is articles like “The 10 Best Carpet Shampooers 2018” are just a selection that they want to sell you.

In the UK we are lucky to have they do what you would expect from a review website. Problem here is that to get at the reviews for carpet shampooers you need to subscribe. They have a introductory offer for just a pound but then automatically goes up to £10 a month. What we did when we were look for a washing machine was sign up then cancel after we had the report this is harder than it sounds but can be done. They make you jump though some hoops and don’t make it easy. This is your best place to find out the best carpet shampooer.

Amazon Reviews For Carpet Shampooers

AS you will know these types of reviews are written by people that buy carpet shampooers. Big problem here is that most people are only motivated to write when something goes wrong and not in the vast amount of cases when it all works out fine. This group of reviews for carpet shampooers don’t see that they might be at fault. One of the biggest complaints is that the carpet shampooer did not perform well. That’s because the carpet was heavy soiled and should have been professionally cleaned.

Plus it never looks good when you have lots of negative carpet shampooers together but if you put this into context with all the happy people that had positive experiences with their new carpet shampooers you then see the true picture.

Where To Buy A Carpet Shampooer

When buying a carpet shampooer, you properly will not think about servicing. Carpet shampooers are not just wet versions of you vacuum. You are dealing with water and electricity and safety is very important. So if you can buy locally from one of these little shops that service carpet shampooers then you will not only be doing yourself a favour in knowing where to take the carpet shampooer when its needs a service but supporting your local community.

My advice on how to keep your carpet shampooer working for long period between services is always run clean fresh water thought it after you have used it to clean your carpet. Why? Well the detergent that they sell for these machines are not the best quality and can clog up the jets when the carpet shampooer is not used often. Don’t worry about this is just one of those things that if you know about you can prevent.

Cleaning With Your Carpet Shampooer.

Being a professional carpet cleaner, I will try and boil it down to the real basics. These machines are designed for light soil. Sure you can watch video’s on YouTube that show them dealing with heavy soil. What they don’t tell you how wet the carpet was after and how long it took to dry out and how it smelt while drying.

If you have a heavy soil carpet then first get them professionally cleaned or hire a rug doctor then start using your own carpet shampooer on a regular basis.

What Is The Difference Between A Carpet Shampooer And Professional Machines?

carpet shampooer

Cleaning a carpet is about breaking the soil bond between the carpet and soil and then flushing that soil away. When you have lots of soil you need more water and in turn more vacuum power to recover that dirt. So the big difference between your carpet shampooer is the amount of water it can deliver and recover. Without leaving the carpet soaking wet and, in some cases, damaging it.

Now you know how to buy and use a carpet shampooer. Hope this has been fair and unbiased I wish you well with you carpet cleaning with your new carpet shampooer

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