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Professional Carpet Cleaning Prices

Answer: When you ask about the cost of carpet cleaning and you use the word “professional” it really depend how you view that with regards a trade that does not have any barriers to setting up and practising. In the UK we have The British Institute Of Cleaning Science, who goal is to both to educate cleaners and the public on the profession of cleaning. I did my City & Guilds In Cleaning Science thought them. So I have a view that not many share that this my starting point.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Next you have trade associations the main cleaning one I have already quoted. In carpet cleaning we have a few some better than others. The National Carpet Cleaners Association Is the best of them.

Lastly we have carpet cleaning franchises. This is where you will be safe if your looking for a professional carpet cleaner, and is my recommendation.

Carpet Cleaning Cost

So “how much professional carpet cleaning cost” you will find a wide price range. franchisees being at the top end. why such a wide range? because you have part time carpet cleaners competing alongside franchises. If your looking for a cheap carpet clean then ask around friends and family you might find someone that use a part time carpet cleaner and been very happy with the experience.

Carpet Cleaning Price

I hope that explains costs of carpet cleaning. My goal here is to explain why such a big gap in cost. Not to say one end of that cost range is in any way worse that the top end or any less professional. just people tend to judge quality by price. which was true years ago (why we have brands, which is why I recommend franchises for you) but not so much these days.

Carpet Cleaning Prices Per Room

This is how we price by the room. and we have a great twist on this way of pricing carpet cleaning. “The More Carpets You Have Cleaned The Cheaper Each Carpet Become”

Its volume discounting for carpet cleaning. our customers really like this way of paying for carpet cleaning.

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