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my name is Ian Harper and I am a carpet cleaner. more to the point I am a marketer of carpet cleaning services just like you are? In our lives we all have information overload. So developing systems to deal with this overload will make us more productive.

The key part to any of our marketing plans is to understand SEO and social media, and content marketing. So I sort, scan and read about 50 articles a day. I would like to share the best of those with you so you dont need to spend that time sorting the best from the rest.

I follow the top SEO’s in the world and they all have good days and bad. So you dont have to worry about those bad days or information that is for big companies. So if you think that I can be of help to you please sign up and if you have the time watch the video below as Steve Rosenbaum is the man when it comes to the subject.

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Below is why curation is important. with the overload of information and machines deciding what we read and watch on the internet human curated content will always be better.

The Truth About How The Internet Overloads Our Lives, And How To Win By Controlling The Fire Hose

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