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Is steam cleaning good for carpets?

Is steam cleaning good for carpets?

No its good for you!

5.4 million people suffer from asthma in the UK that’s 1 in every 11 children and 1 in every 12 adults. The NHS spends around £1 Billion a year on taking care of asthma suffers. (Data from Asthma Facts And Statistics)

As a carpet cleaner I had the opportunity some years ago to be part of a UK lunch of a product that could be used as sprayed into the air within your home and would reduce the amount of allergens within that space, and the benefit of this was it would prevent an attack. you could also spay your bed and carpets with it. As the old saying goes “prevention is better that cure” The product failed.

We think the reason it failed was because preventing asthma attacks cost more that going to the doctor and getting a prescription which in the UK would be free for this group of people.

The benefits to everyone’s health from a clean environment is often overlooked. One big reason for this the newspapers and media promoting “Too clean for our own good” This is why most people think that if you care about hygiene in the home that you are OCD. You can read a white paper on this subject that proves how wrong this is here its called “Perceptions of cleanliness, hygiene and hygiene issues – a survey of UK and US media coverage1989 to 2017

I hope that helped. if your question was about can carpet cleaning damage your carpet. not if done right. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced carpet cleaning in ESSEX, then we provide a unique carpet cleaning service that you will find hard to match check us out here. Ian Harper Carpet Cleaner

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