Is Rug Doctor a steam cleaner

Is Rug Doctor A Steam Cleaner?

Is Rug Doctor A Steam Cleaner?

It is not true that Rug Doctor is a steam cleaner.

Why this misconception has come about is for a couple of reasons. Many years ago, when carpet cleaning was first introduced into the UK “Steam Cleaning” was used in marketing to give that impression of hygiene. One carpet cleaner manufacturer even used it as part of the machines name. Like most marketing when something is new it has stuck.

Now to confuse things more we have these multi-purpose steam cleaners that can used around the house. and if you watch any of the Tv adverts they always show them being used on carpets. Any multi-purpose tool is average at lots of things but not great at anyone task . Sure if you have light soil then maybe it will clean. Rug Doctors are incredibly good carpet cleaners

If you are asking this question, then you might have a situation where you are interested in not only removing visible dirt but know that your carpets have been cleaned to a hygienic level. well we might be able to help? When you use our carpet cleaning services we use a product called Micro Kill after every carpet clean. find out more at the link.

Give Tina a call for a carpet cleaning quote and get a free bottle of stain remover if you live local to us just for calling for a quote.

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