Why 84% of people are misinformed about germs

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Why 84% of people are misinformed about germs

We live in a world of fake news and misinformation, so I think it’s important that when I make a claim I should refence it. here is the water paper for a credible source that I have used.

The Bottom Line

The media does a really bad job talking about “germs” its one sided and lacks balance. Here is 30 years of proof. The key takeaways here is having a balanced view about cleaning hygiene.

I was taught that cleaning has two levels, one visible dirt and second hygiene. This is my message to you. we don’t have to get all OCD about it. Just clean the right way each and every time.


To read the full white paper hover over the bottom of the box and you will see the menus for next page etc. or just download it and you device will have a pdf reader that you can open the file and read it. its safe to download

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