Discover Why We Give You Free Bottle Of Spotter

Four Reasons Why You Will Love Our Stain Remover!

1. Its Free

anti strain protection

That’s right, free bottle of stain remover with every carpet cleaned. and the remarkable thing about this bottle is that it has free unlimited refills

We are not fans of stain protection products, they never live up to the hype. so, the next best solution is to deal with any spillage when its fresh. that means having a bottle of stain remover handy when the accident happens.

2. Stain Prevention Is More Effective Than Stain Removal

stain protection

Stain prevention is more effective than stain removal? in simple terms any wet spillage that dry’s out becomes a stain, that stain is much harder to remove and will come with risk of damaging the carpet or not being able to be removed.

With dry stains you get two types. One that adds a substance to the carpet, like food, and one that adds colour to the carpet. The first can easily be removed but the second requires correction. In the UK we have lots of wool carpets, which is hair. Hair takes up colour easier that a manmade fibre.

So the bottom line is dealing with spillage while wet is the most successful way to prevent permanent stains on you carpet.

I hope you now understand why our FREE after care is so great.

3. Its Formula Is Different To Any Stain Remover You Can Buy In A Supermarket.

stain remover

Have you ever wondered why that spot keeps coming back? Well its because you have contaminated the area with whatever you used to clean it up.

Our spotter is what we call  a micro splitter these work different to detergent and will not cause re-soiling.

This bottle of carpet spotter comes with a free refill so as long as you have the bottle then we can refill it for you at no charge as many times as you need over the next 3 years.

The spotter is safe and not at all toxic.

4. It’s Part Of Our Anti Stain Protection After Care Package Which Also Is Free With Every Carpet We Clean.

ant stain protection

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