How often should I steam clean my carpet

How often should I steam clean my carpet?

How often should I steam clean my carpet?

It depends on how important it is. Hygiene should always come before visible dirt. You walk on your carpet and floors so all the germs can get transferred from your shoes to the carpet. If you have a dog and even if you pick up after it the ground will still contain germs. And when you and your families skin encounter those germs that’s the point when they get passed on to you.

With regards to visible dirt. we have a way to explain wear age of a carpet and can be used with this question as well. You can have a carpet that is say two years old with ten years of wear or a carpet that’s ten years old with only two years of wear or dirt in this situation. It really depends on how many people and pets and the care you take in prevention of keeping the dirt out.

The bottom line is yearly.

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