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Welcome, My name is Ian Harper and I am a professional carpet cleaner with city and guilds in cleaning science and cleanavangelist . For me cleaning is more than just looks it about hygiene and how that lets us live a healthy life.

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So, you have just bought or thinking about buying a Bissell? Well your in good company as it’s the top selling carpet cleaner on the market. What I would like to do here is not review Bissell’s you can find lots of that all over the internet I would like to do something different, and that’s give you the basis on carpet cleaning plus some advice on buying your Bissell.
Where To Buy Your Bissell.


As I said above there is lots of information on the interweb 😉 about Bissell’s, but lots of it is loaded. What do I mean by that? Appearances can be deceiving. Just think of anything you read as if a salesman was standing in front of you in a shop trying to sell you a Bissell and you will be fine. The only place that this is not true is on there you will get a honest review that does not have any agendas.

Bissell Reviews

When reading any reviews its best to remember that people are easily motivated to write negative review when things don’t work out right and as far less when everything goes great. Plus, when you get lots of negative reviews it looks bad but just remember how many Bissell’s are sold each year and then you see the context of these reviews. Plus, from what I have read its normally user error.

Buying On The Interweb 😉 Or Local Shops?

Carpet cleaners need to be looked after and maintained with regular services. So, my advice is look for these little shops where they fix Houshold appliances and see if you like the owner are, they helpful and knowledgeable? Shops like these have a reputation to keep up and will be more responsive if you have any issues. So, support your local community and buy local please.

How To Use You Bissell

Just watch some YouTube for basic instructions. I would add that the number one issue that people find when cleaning their own carpets is over wetting. This leads to long drying times and a really bad smell.

Why Do People Over Wet Their Carpets When Using A Bissell

One word “Expectations” Are far too high. You can categorize dirty carpets into three groups. Light, medium, and heavy soil. Bissell’s work best on light soil. Problem is that the first time most people use their Bissell is when the carpet is medium to heavy soil. This leads to those reviewers moaning about the Bissell. Start using your Bissell from a manageable soil level.
If your carpet has medium to heavy soil use a Rug Doctor or a professional carpet cleaner then after that you be ready to maintain your carpet on a regular basis with your Bissell. I know that sound mad but it’s realistic. One other option you have is use your Bissell but go over the carpet once stop let dry and repeat this until the carpet is clean. This method prevents the over wetting.

By the way if you watch any YouTube that show heavy soil carpets being cleaned with a Bissell what they don’t tell you how long they took to dry or how they smelt.

Spots And Stains On Carpets

Spots and stain are two different things. A spot is something that adds substance to the yarn of the carpet and a stain alters the yarn. Spots can be removed with cleaning but stain require correction and should only be done by a professional carpet cleaner and carries a risk with no guarantee.
Top Tip When Cleaning Carpets

Vacuum for a very long time before you wet clean your carpet with the Bissell. The reason for this is that the vast amount of dirt in your carpet is dry. Great way to show this is keep emptying your vacuum and don’t stop until you’re not pulling any more dirt out of the carpet.
The obsessive vacuuming leads onto the next important aspect of cleaning your carpet. What is left in your carpet after the vacuuming is bonded dirt. This is why you need a Bissell. So, what is happing when you use the Bissell is that the bonded dirt is being emulsified by the detergent and then flushed away by the water.

Over Wetting And Heavy Soil.

When you have lots of dirt the detergent needs time to work. This is why a professional will pre-spray the detergent then let it sit and then follows up with the machine to flush out the now emulsified dirt. The big difference between your Bissell and my machine is the amount of water it can put down and recover. Your Bissell would need to keep going over and over and as we know will over wet the carpet. Bissell’s are great but as I said only on light soil carpets. This heavy soil is really what people moan about the most when complaining about Bissell’s.

When you are finished cleaning put plain water in the Bissell take out side and flush out all the solution from the pump and jets, because this is one of the other big problems people moan about, no solution coming out when they go to use the Bissell a few months down the line. Doing this also reduces the times between services.

Bissell FAQs

Question: where to buy bissell carpet shampoo


Question: how to shampoo carpet with bissell

Answer: vacuum carpets first to remove debris, fill the tank, measure out detergent put in tank. your ready to start cleaning your carpet

Question: carpet shampoo for bissell machines

Answer: Its always best to match the shampoo with the carpet cleaning machine brand.

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