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Hi and welcome to my page on “Steam Cleaning” My name is Ian Harper And I run a carpet cleaning business. I have city & guilds in cleaning science. My Carpet Cleaning Home Page Here My Contact Here

I would like to help with your quest for a steam cleaner. There is some confusion over the term steam cleaning and in fact its a 
misnomer. The right name in carpet cleaning is “Hot Water Extraction” what has not helped is now the marketing guys have got hold of this term for “Steam Mops”

Steam Mops are marketed that they can clean many surfaces and carpets being one. The truth is that they can but are very limited in what they can achieve. They can only really maintain very light soiled carpets. and when you see them being demonstrated the mop head get dirty very quick and so need to be replaced with a fresh one. just think how many you would need just for one room.  

My Recommendation For A Steam Cleaner

If you are going to but a steam cleaner and why not as I said they can clean many surfaces I recommend using a Polti Brand. these are the very best as they dont drip water everywhere. This is important as this makes them much safer to use around the house. Polti is the best brand for steam cleaners and have 40 years of production to prove it. Polti YouTube

Classic Series

The Vaporetto Classic Series models are ideal for the deep cleaning the home, in addition to the everyday cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and upholstery. With up to 5 bar and 120 g/min steam power, make them suitable for deep cleaning: barbecue, car seats and tires, engine, between tiles …

Posted by Polti UK on Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Carpet Steam Cleaning FAQs

Question: What Is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Answer: When carpet cleaning was first around because when you use hot water you get steam as a by product it caught on as it was used in marketing. Now these days we have dry steam cleaning what can be use to clean carpets but is not very good what ever the commercial TV shows say. What you are really looking for is called Hot Water Extraction.

Question: steam cleaner without chemicals

Answer: Your spot on dry steam is designed to work without chemicals. this has many benefits.

Question: clean carpet without steamer

Answer: A high percentage of dirt in a carpet is dry so spending time vacumming will remove much of the dirt. then you can use a manual shampoo applicator to apply a shampoo and let dry and then vacuum out

Question: carpet shampoo for steam cleaners

Answer: If you are asking about what we call dry steam then you dont need any shampoo. or if you are talking about hot water extraction which is the method most carpet cleaners use, then you need to use detergent and not shampoo. shampoo will foam up if you put it though a carpet cleaner and can cause damage to it.

Question: carpet shampoo vs steam cleaner

Answer: carpet shampoo is a product but also can be use in a carpet cleaning method that can clean both light and medium soiled carpets. where steam if your talking about dry steam is meant for really light soiled carpets. what’s the best method for carpet cleaning and suited to all type of soiling is hot water extraction.

Question: carpet shampoo vs steam cleaning

Answer: carpet cleaning has many methods and these are just two. you need to know what level of soil and type your dealing with first. method and choice of detergent is key to cleaning your carpet effectively.

Question: carpet shampoo or steam clean?

Answer: carpet shampoo and steam cleaning are just two carpet cleaning methods. and are suited to light soil conditions. you might want to check out the links below for more information on all the carpet cleaning methods.

Question: carpet shampoo and steam cleaner

Answer: With respect you need to understand that when you say steam clean it means a few things in cleaning. It caught on in the early days for the main carpet cleaning method called hot water extraction. then you have steam cleaners like are used on building sites and car washes. now we have dry steam which is being sold that it can clean carpets which you should not need any shampoo or detergents for. hot water extraction also you would use a detergent not a carpet shampoo.

Question: carpet shampooer vs steamer

Answer: The best carpet cleaning method for any carpet is the one that matches the soil level. they all will clean your carpet but can make it easy or hard depending on the choice. we have a full list of all the carpet cleaning methods on our wiki

Question: carpet shampoo vs steam?

Answer: This really does depend on what soil level you have in your carpet and even if carpet shampoo will clean your carpet. check our wiki links below

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What Is The Best Carpet Shampooer? Like the old saying goes “A good tradesman does not blame his tools” What this is communicating is that the “Tool” and in this case the carpet shampooer works fine. it comes down to skill and judgement. As a professional carpet cleaner with city & guilds in cleaning science I am here to help you.

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carpet cleaning price
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The More Carpets You Have Cleaned The Cheaper Each One Becomes Second Carpet Just £25

The real question is, What is the best way to clean my carpet? Lets start with some basics. First the term “Shampooing” comes from way back when people did not use carpet cleaner s but used a product called carpet shampoo. 

How does carpet shampoo work? what people used to do was apply carpet shampoo is the form of foam to the carpet let it dry and then vac it out. what is happing is the shampoo is breaking the bond between the dirt and the carpet. This then makes it much easier to vacuum out the dirt.

Big draw back with carpet shampooing is the level of dirt in a carpet. its only really suitable for very light soil. This is where the new method of cleaning carpets comes in. “Hot Water Extraction” you can read all about its The History Of Hot Water Extraction Here

Picking The Right Carpet Cleaner For The Soil Level

Soil levels are your biggest challenge? Why? Because of the small amount of water that a home carpet cleaner uses. This is the difference between professional carpet cleaners and home carpet cleaners. To flush away lots of soil in a heavily soiled carpet you need lot of water. Professional carpet cleaners are able to apply lots of flushing water and recover it without over wetting a carpet.
So as long as you have light soil you will be fine. If not, you will need to clean, let dry clean again until the carpet is clean.

Which carpet shampooer is the best UK?

There is only one place that can tell you which is the best carpet cleaner in the UK, and that why is this so? Because all the websites that review carpet cleaners are not more that shops trying to sell you a carpet shampooer. Take no notice of how this is presented with catchy click bait headlines.
Which only wants to sell you a subscription. So as long as you can jump thought their hoops for cancelling once you have your report it’s the only place to go for a true review on carpet shampooers

What’s the best carpet cleaning product?

When starting out cleaning carpets with your own carpet shampooer its best to stick to the brand that matches the carpet shampooer. Plus, only ever use the recommended amounts and dilution rates. If you over use carpet cleaning products you can leave a residue behind that will speed up soiling in the carpet.

So Which Is The Best Carpet Shampooer

Once you get your which report then you can use the internet to price shop if that’s what you are looking for. But if you’re not worried so much about the price for your carpet shampooer then we think that buying locally from one of these small shops that fix appliances it the best option. It not only supports local business carpet shampooers they need servicing more often that you think so building relationships and doing business locally will get you ahead on this.