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Ian Harper

Bait And Switch Pricing

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Bait And Switch Pricing

You may have seen the BBC Watchdog programme that exposed a carpet cleaner that was advertising a low price and then the customer ends up paying hundreds of pounds. If you have not, just search "BBC Bait and Switch" on YouTube.

Well it looks like the practice is still being used and adapted. These guys still use a low price normally £15 a room then they have in terms and conditions or telll you that they have a minimum charge of £50.

£50 has always been the normal minimum call out charge. I think these bait and switchers think because they are not scamming for hundreds of pounds then it will keep their activity under the radar of trading standards.

I have in the past advertised £15 a room but aways put in plain sight that its £50 mimimum charge. I have stopped this deal now because of these bait and switchers and now gone to a minimum price for one room to £30.

Its a type of copycatting in carpet cleaning it goes on all the time but with this one its a little bit more serious. Thats why I have moved away from that kind of low room price deal now. 

If any carpet cleaners read this and have a probelm with it then you need to look at what your doing first. if your advertising £15 room you need to tell people your minimum charge along side the price and not hide it away in terms and conditions or just mention it when a customer calls you.

With regards the large differences in carpet cleaning pricing. Its all about overheads many cleaners have business bills that they need to cover before they make a profit. My view on this is that you are buying a clean carpet and how that is done, does not matter. You want clean carpets. Price has in the past has given the buyer an idea on quality but in the moden world, with fake everthing thats no longer the case. 

I have build my business so I can price at what I feel is a fair price and include added value through the free stuffi I give away. much of what I give away has a larger value to you as a cusomer that me. in other words what I can provide in terms of free services or give you is much less that you would have to pay another carpet cleaner for.

I hope this carpet cleaning article on carpet cleaning pricing has helped you? I wrote it because carpet cleaning pricing differs so much, and from a customers point of view its hard to know why. I am not claiming my view is right its just that, its my view on the subject of carpet cleaning pricing. I hope you will use it along side others views.

Ian Harper

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