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After Care Proof Of Concept

We have done a few call outs over the years for stains on carpets, here are just a few stories to show anyone thinking of having a carpet cleaned what benefit our free voucher has been for our customers. The voucher covers any carpet we clean for one FREE spillage (still fresh) call out over a three year period. Normally a carpet cleaner would charge you their minimum charge which averages about £50.

Case Number One: This customer had us clean her lounge for when the new baby arrived. She had a few close family members over one evening for a meal and drinks.

The big mistake was decanting the wine 

After Care Example Number One

Case Number Two: It always sad when our pets get old

After Care Example Number Two

Case number 3: This case was a senior gentlemen that has a fall. happy to report he recovered and was his old self in no time at all.

After Care Example Number Three

Case Number 4: Calpol can be a permanent stain if left to dry so we where lucky in this case. the mum and dad where very happy as they had a stain from calpol in another house with their first child.

After Care Example Number Four

Case Number 5: So What do you get when you combine a child, a chocolate milkshake, and a week before you move out a rented house? Answer panic. we relaxed the rule on this one as the lady has used us before but we had not cleaned this carpet. We normally only honour our voucher on carpets we have cleaned in the last 3 years. 

Vomit After Care Example

Case Number 6: You know what its like when your teenager reaches 18 and they ask for a party! You want your home to look its best for all the guests. so you have your carpets cleaned. Problem is that your guests are teenagers. Again we dont cover after party clean up under our voucher but, how can I say no?

Coming Of Age After Care Example

So What Do You Get In Your Free Carpet Cleaning Free After Care {click Links For More Info}

One Spillage Voucher Valid For 3 Years



Why do we do this? because we can, the value it has to our customers is high and the cost to us is very low, we clean in the local area every day so can clean any stain up quickly so it does not become permanent.

So what does it cover? A free call out for us to come and try and help you with this spillage. Lets be clear it does not cover some spillages like paint, nail varnish, After party, You also need to understand that you must take full responsibility for the spillage and may be asked to sign a disclaimer, after all it is a free service Sounds limited? maybe, but it might just save the day. Carpet cleaners would charge you their minimum (£50) charge for this type of call out. (Voucher Valid Only On Areas We Have Cleaned)

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Top 10 Vax Carpet Cleaner Questions

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Top 10 Vax Carpet Cleaner Questions

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Vax Carpet Cleaner Spare Parts?

Now this top question looks bad, but it might be that people have had a vax carpet cleaner for years and want to keep it going because they like it.

In my experience the number one break down is when people dont flush the carpet cleaner with plain water after cleaning their carpets to rinse any solution out of the pump and jets. This build up and will cause the carpet cleaner not to spray solution out next time they use it.

Lets not forget vax sell thousands of carpet cleaners each year and this is just 106 click a month.

Vax Carpet Cleaner Shampoo?

Being a professional carpet cleaner we would say solution or detergent, never put any shampoo into a carpet cleaner like a vax. what will happen is when you recover the dirty solution from the carpet as you clean it will foam up and can damage the carpet cleaner.

For safety always use vax solutions diluted to the right ratios. If you over use the concentrate it can leave residue behind in the carpet and cause your carpet to get dirty faster.

Is Vax The Best Carpet Cleaner?

Vax UK Ltd was founded in December 1977. That speaks for itself. They have about 400 staff working for them just in the UK. Vax carpet cleaners are made in China.

Like any tool its only as good as the user. follow the instructions keep the machine clean and it should give you years of service. Dont take any notice of bad reviews its normally people that have not cared for their carpet cleaner or just have had bad luck and got a bad one nothing is perfect.

These machine do have limits. but with some tricks you can overcome them. the biggest one is cleaning really dirty carpets. most people think they have really dirty carpets, have a look at some I have cleaned here then you can judge for yourself how dirty yours are.

What you need to do if your carpets are really dirty is clean them, let them dry and clean them again. you can do this as many times as it takes to get them clean. The reason why you dont want to keep going over and over on the first clean if you over wet the carpet they will take days to dry and smell really bad. I would say no more that three medium speed passes and if they still look dirty then let them dry and reclean them.

I hope you found this article useful? professional carpet cleaning is not as expensive as you might think. give Tina a call anytime for a free no obligation quote over the phone. We offer after care included with every carpet cleaned check out the results of people that have use this carpet cleaning service here.

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