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  carpet cleaning billericay Micro Killgerms carpet cleaningCall Today And Get Free Application Micro Kill. Why Is This So Important? Cleaning is so much more than looking clean. We all know how important this is with regards to our kitchens and bathrooms. but these days we need to be mindful about everything we come into contact with. that does not mean being paranoid about bacteria just being penetrative. In the past just washing your hands would do but now we must wash dry then sanitise to know that they are clean. Micro Kill Details Here Here Is Why This Is Important <——- Please Click For More Information

Being a cleaner this stuff matters to me. and with the media making everyone paranoid about it causes people to take the position that anyone that cares has OCD. One study that documents the media reporting that illustrates the poor and incorrect information is,  Perceptions of cleanliness, hygiene and hygiene issues – a survey of UK and US media coverage 1989 to 2017 By Sally F Bloomfield, From, International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene. Download Link One Spillage Voucher Valid For 3 Years Here Are People That Benefited From This Voucher What Is This All About? Spillages have a much higher chance of being removed when they are wet. Let the spillage dry and you have a high chance of it become a stain that will require voucher carpet cleanercarpet stain removal restoration which is much more difficult to removal. So you want to give yourself every chance for the spillage not becoming damage and requiring restoration. We offer you this call out voucher that  you can keep for 3 years. So what does it cover? A free call out for me to come and try and help your situation.  Lets be clear it does not cover some spillages like paint, nail varnish, After party,  You also need to understand that you must take full responsibility for the spillage and may be asked to sign a disclaimer, after all it is a free service Sounds limited? maybe, but it might just save the day. Carpet cleaners would charge you their minimum charge for this type of call out.  (Voucher Valid Only On Areas We Have Cleaned) carpet stain remover

Free Bottle Of Carpet Spotter 

Have you ever wondered why that spot keeps coming back? Well its because you have contaminated the area with whatever you used to clean it up. Our spotter is what we call  a micro splitter these work different to detergent and will not cause re-soiling. This bottle of carpet spotter comes with a free refill so as long as you have the bottle then we can refill it for you at no charge as many times as you need over the next 3 years. The spotter is safe and not at all toxic.anti stain treatment

Free Bottle Of Febreze 

Adverts for cleaning products are notorious for making claims that are probably best taken with a pinch of salt. But the chemistry underpinning so-called ‘odour neutralising’ sprays is actually fascinating, as they do far more than just mask one smell with another. Certain molecules within the spray have special properties that attract and capture molecules responsible for bad odours using a cage-like structure. A video released by the American Chemical Society explains how odour neutralising sprays actually work.

Our Prices 

When looking for a carpet cleaner you will find a wide range of prices from super low to very high. Why? Carpet cleaning is a profession that you can practice without any certifications. Which is unfair from my point as i studied cleaning science that’s certified by city & guilds? Next is the type of business that you get in carpet cleaning can be from someone cleaning part time to franchises. So business overheads differ for each and that’s why you get this wide price range. We always have deals going on and give discounts on the room price the more you have cleaned the cheaper each room becomes carpet cleaning guide   Give Tina a call. She is friendly and not pushy at all 😉 Or If you have some questions about carpet cleaning why not ask our friendly Ai “Chatbot Cleanavangelist” we are programming it with new answers ever day. We have just a few hundreds at the moment but plan on about 10K questions and answers. or You Might Be Interested In Our Carpet Cleaning Guide That Covers All The Basic On Choosing A Carpet Cleaner  

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Question: who sells bissell carpet shampoo


Question: when to shampoo carpet

Answer: The answer does depend on the type of household you are. busy families with pets you might need to clean twice a year or if your out at work most of the day then once year is recommended. A carpet does not need to look dirty to need cleaning as hygiene should be the number one reason to clean a carpet.

Question: where to rent carpet shampoo

Answer: If I may point out that the word carpet shampoo refers to a product and method where you apply the carpet shampoo let dry and then vacuum out. Or you can use a carpet cleaner that you put water and solution in and use like a vacuum.

Question: where to rent carpet shampoo machine

Answer: This really does depend on how you are going to bring it home. you have a choice between a carpet cleaner that you push along which are large. and carpet cleaners that are very much like a vacuum with a hose and wand. The Push along type you can rent from most large shops and diy stores. the other type from dry cleaners and tool hire shops.

Question: why shampoo carpet

Answer: One of the major reason we have long life expectancy is because of clean water and hygiene.

Question: where to buy carpet shampoo machine

Answer: With carpet cleaners its always best to buy from a local shop where you can return it if you have any problems.

Question: where to buy carpet shampoo

Answer: You first need to establish if your using a carpet cleaning machine or shampooing your carpet. putting a carpet shampoo in a carpet cleaner will damage it. please note that if you are using a carpet cleaning machine that is a brand then its ok to use the recommended products as some brands do use the word shampoo when they really mean detergent or solution.

Question: who sells vax carpet shampoo

Answer: Vax carpet cleaning machines only use a solution and not carpet shampoo. try searching for vax carpet cleaning solution. and use the shopping tap in google search.

Question: what is extractor carpet shampoo

Answer: This is a big misconception in carpet cleaning. a shampoo is a product that is different to a detergent that you would put though a carpet cleaner. (hot water extraction)

Question: what is the best carpet shampoo for dog urine

Answer: You need to first treat the urine then clean the area with shampoo.

Question: where to buy hoover carpet shampoo


Question: how to shampoo carpet with hoover

Answer: I take it that when you say hoover you really mean vacuum? anyway use find a carpet shampoo product and manual applicator. apply the carpet shampoo. Let dry. then vacuum out

Question: how to shampoo carpet with machine

Answer: The term shampoo in carpet cleaning refers to a product and should not be put into any machine. Only ever use detergents. It can be confusing as manufacturers do use the shampoo word when referring to detergents. just read the back of any product and it will put you right.

Question: how to shampoo carpet with a rainbow vacuum

Answer: you cant the vacuum is just that and not a carpet cleaner. the water is a filter and acts just like hepa filters do.

Question: how to make carpet shampoo for bissell

Answer: Go to link below at our wiki and read the article on how cleaning agents work

Question: where to buy vax carpet shampoo


Question: how to shampoo carpet on stairs


Question: will carpet shampoo kill fleas

Answer: No. Treatment first then cleaning after a few days.

Question: how to make carpet shampoo with vinegar

Answer: please do not do this. “White Vinegar” is used for some types of stain removal. and you would only really use anything on that end of the pH scale for wool carpets or as a rinse.

Question: what to use for carpet shampoo

Answer: Only ever use products that are for cleaning carpets you have a choice between carpet shampoos or carpet detergents that go into a carpet cleaning machine

Question: where to buy bissell carpet shampoo


Question: how shampoo carpet


Question: what is carpet shampoo machine

Answer: This can be confusing as carpet shampooing refers to applying a carpet shampoo then letting it dry and vacuming off, but manufactures of carpet cleaning machines that use a method called hot water extraction use this term.

Question: where to buy kirby carpet shampoo

Answer: Log on to the internet and enter

Question: how to shampoo carpet with kirby sentria