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Ian Harper

Whats The Connection Between Space And Carpets

1 min read

In 1996 at Procter & Gamble when a chemist was working with a substance called hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin, or its friendlier lab name HPBCD.

So this chemist goes home one night after working on HPBCD and his wife asks,
“ Did you quit smoking?” No he said. He was suspicious she had been harassing him to give
 up smoking for years. Was this some kind of reverse psychology?

“You don’t smell like smoke” she said. The very next day he returned and started testing
 HPBCD out on various scented fabrics. Things like we wet dog, cigars, sweaty socks,
 Chinese food, musty shirts, dirty towels,

When he put HPBCD in water and sprayed it on the samples the scents were drawn into HPBCD

This product became a household name and was so advanced that NASA would use it to clean
 the interiors of shuttles after returning from space.

That product Is called “Febreze”