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Ian Harper

Salvage Sofa Cleaning Method

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Salvage Sofa Cleaning Method

Method 7 : Pre Spray And Wet Extraction

Condition : Extreme Soiling (heavy and deep) wet cleanable fabrics only

This method is the same as method 4 in the corrective sofa cleaning method, except that, because of the extreme soiling, the operations will be repeated several times.

Sometimes a return visit may be necessary when the fabric has partly dried ( but not fully dried) in order to re inspect and assess the result. further treatment may prove to be necessary.

The price should be at least 50% more of you method 4

Method 8: Wet Cleaning Treatment For Flooded Fabric

Condition : Flood damaged furniture. this method assumes that you are called in tp inspect the fabric when its still wet.

Carry out the following procedures

  1. inspect sofa to determine whether it is wet cleanable if it is not, then tell customer its irreparable.
  2. Write an invoice and report which the customer can present to their insurance company.
  3. Charge for advice and inspection

If the sofa is wet cleanable you should

  1. Extract excess water
  2. Using prochem fibre and fabric rinse, prochem cleansan, crystal green re wet using pressure spray
  3. Let solution dwell for 3 to 5 minutes then extract as much as you can.
  4. Use an air move to help drying with a dehumidifier left in the room
  5. Leave the home
  6. Return when dry to inspect overall and re clean if needed using method 3 or 4

Method 8 : Smoke odour And Or Soot Wet or Dry Cleanable

Condition : Smoke damaged sofa

Generally in all cases of smoke damage there will be a film of soot or greasy deposits over the sofa. The amount of this deposit will vary considerably from job to job. depending on the material that was burnt (plastic or paper)

The smoke odour and the soot deposits must be treated as two distinct problems.

  • If the soot deposit is heavy then this will have to be cleaned off then the fabric will need to be deodorised.
  • If the soot deposit is light then the cleaning and deodorising can be done in one operation.

For heavy soot deposits on wet cleanable sofas

  • Use method 4
  • Use Prochem Ultrapac Renovate as the pre spray
  • Rinse and neutralize with Prochem Fibre and Fabric Rinse, allow to partly dry
  • Deodorise with a fogmister using Prochem Odour Neutraliser
  • Allow to dwell in sealed room for 30 minutes, this will also deodorise the room as well.
  • Ventilate room with air movers and open windows.

Method 9 : Light Soot On Wet Cleanable Fabric

For light soot on wet cleanable fabrics

  • Use method 4 but add Prochem Odour Neutraliser to rinse.
  • Delete the fogmister operation.

For heavy soot on dry cleanable fabrics

Use method 5 add in Prochem Solvent Based Odour Neutraliser in both pre spray treatment and extraction cleaning solution.

Continue with deodorisation using fogger as described for wet cleanable fabrics

For light soot on dry clean only fabrics

  • Use method 5 but don’t deodorise with fogger.