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Ian Harper

How To Clean Sofas – The Shrinkage Test

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How To Clean Sofas – The Shrinkage Test

This test is usually carried out on cotton and button backs, pleats, and sofas that have been reupholstered.

What You Will Need

Four Straight Pins

A Tape Measure

Spray Bottle With Working Strength Cleaning Solution

How To Test Your Sofa For Shrinkage Before Cleaning

On the back edge of a cushion insert the pins in a 60mm square

Now wet the area with your cleaning solution in the spray bottle

After 5 minutes re measure the square

Results For Shrinkage Before Sofa Cleaning

Anything over 5% is not acceptable as shrinkage will cause the cushions and valances to curl up and even seams might come apart.

5% is a loss of 3mm

10% is a loss of 6mm