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Ian Harper

How To Clean Sofas – Identifying Fibres Synthetic Man Made

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Identifying Fibres Synthetic Man Made

Today we have many man made fabrics used in sofas that we will just focus on the the four main ones. Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester, Polpropylene.


Acrylic fibre woven into flat face fabrics give the appearance and feel of wool but have the advantage that they “give up” water based staining more readily. Acrylic VELVET Pile fabrics can usually be wet cleaned without the problems of pile distortion.


Nylon is not generally used by itself for fabrics but is mixed with other fibres for added strength.


Polyester fibre will generally be mixed with other fires like cotton and make water stains easier to remove, The fabric is also much stronger and better wearing.


Polypropylene is used either as a mixture with other fibres or may be bonded to a backing fabric which must be tested before using solvents.