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Ian Harper

How To Clean Carpets - The Removal Of Browning From Carpets

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The Removal Of Browning From Carpets - A Salvage Carpet Cleaning Method

Method 8 : The Removal Of Browning From Carpets

Equipment From Prochem UK

This problem is usually caused by excess water and alkaline detergent wicking up colour from the jute backing. This browning can mostly be treated with an oxidising bleaching action. This method should only be used on white, off white and plan pastel colour carpets. if your carpet has more than one colour then use a product from Prochem called “Browning Prescription” see below.

Equipment :

  • Standard Speed Rotary Machine
  • Pressure Sprayer or Tank On Above Machine
  • Pile Brush

The best results of browning removal are achieved by using a rotary machine.

  • Do not mix up more solution than you can use in about 30 minutes
  • Apply solution using method 5
  • Re set pile when finished

Product Mixing 5lts Of Working Solution

  • Fibre Shampoo 250 mls
  • 30 mls 2 scoops
  • 60mls 4 scoops

Pre mix oxibrite and fibrebuff with hot water. The amounts of these two products can vary depending on how bad the browning is.


Browning Prescription

When the carpet has more than one colour you must do a dye bleed test first. if you want to use the mix above. but its much safer to use browning prescription after testing for dye bleed.