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Ian Harper

How To Clean Carpets - Rotary Brush & Extraction Rinse

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Rotary Brush & Extraction Rinse - A Salvage Carpet Cleaning Method

Method 7 : Rotary Brush & Extraction Rinse 

Equipment From Prochem UK

This method is uses a combination of rotary scrubbing machine and hot water extraction to rinse on carpets with heavy soil.


  • Vacuum
  • Standard speed rotary machine with heavy duty brush and drive plate for bonnet pads
  • Pile Brush
  • Hot water extraction machine


  • Vacuum carpets.
  • Carry out stain removal (more on this later)
  • Using Products mixed into pre spray bottle, below pre scrub carpet staying within a workable area of about 5 sq mts





  • Follow up on this area of carpet with extraction rinse using product below, remembering to finish with a vacuum only pass to help drying process. Tip: use defoamer in recovery tank.


  • Reset pile