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Ian Harper

How To Clean Carpets - Hot Water Extraction – Wool Carpets

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Hot Water Extraction – Wool Carpets - A Corrective Carpet Cleaning Method

Method 6c : Hot Water Extraction – Wool Carpets

Equipment From Prochem UK

This method of carpet cleaning is for carpets that can dye bleed and suspect jute baking, also its advisable to use this method if you are going to use stain protection or if it has been applied before. cleaning carpets wit high PH products can strip them out.

before cleaning any carpet with more than one colour you must carry out a bleed test.

How To Clean Wool Carpets

  • Vacuun
  • Pre spray carpet with



  • Brush into carpet pile
  • Add carpet cleaning product below to solution tank in the right dilution



  • Now extract the dirt from carpet using the same way as in method 6a
  • Reset pile