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Ian Harper

How To Clean Carpets - Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning)

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Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) - A Corrective Carpet Cleaning Method

Method 6a : Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning)

This method is designed to remove any dirt that is bonded to the carpet fibres on light soiled carpets.

Equipment From Prochem UK

  • Vacuum
  • Pressure Sprayer
  • Carpet Pile Brush
  • Hot Water Extraction Machine

Step 1

Vacuum carpet, take your time as much of the dirt can be removed on this step. As a guide about 10 to 15 minutes each room.

Step 2

Treat all stains (more on this in another section)

Step 3

Pre spray with a wool safe product a workable area. you dont want to get to far ahead of yourself as the pre spray will dry. 

Brush into carpet

Step 4

Fill hot water extraction machine with water and suable product thats wool safe


Step 5

  • Turn on pumps and vacuums
  • Put de-foamer into recovery tank.


  • With the wand extended to a comfortable arm’s length in front of you, pull the solution by pulling the trigger.
  • Pull want towards you. dont go to slow as you will over wet the carpet. the pre spray should have broken the bond down so you just rinse it away.
  • So as not to cause any over wetting release the solution trigger before you stop  pulling towards you.
  • repeat with small overlap
  • now without releasing any solution go over area with just the vacuum only this is your dry stroke. this help the carpet dry much faster.


  • Read the instructions carefully before staring using the extraction machine.
  • Start work in the corner furthest point from the door
  • if the carpet still looks dirty after two passes dont keep going over it as this will cause over wetting and possibly damage. try pre spraying again leave for 10 to 15 minutes then repeat once again. if this does not remove dirt leave carpet to dry. Then check again, if it still looks dirt repeat cleaning process. sometime carpets can be so dirty that then need a power brush in place of just a carpet brush at the pre spray step. ( check out method 6a)
  • Ensure that you have some ventilation in rooms after carpet cleaning.