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Ian Harper

How To Clean Carpets - Flooded Or Excessively Wet Carpets

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Flooded Or Excessively Wet Carpets - A Salvage Carpet Cleaning Method



Equipment From Prochem UK

  1. Remove excess water as quickly as possible using extraction machine. Dont stand machine on the wet carpets.
  2. Check construction and type of carpet.

a. If Jute backed carpet, should be tacked to prevent shrinkage. lifting whilst wet may cause shrinkage.

b. if carpet is wool, rayon, cotton, nylon or mixtures of these carry out following.

  • Extract excess water
  • Apply easy roller and then repeat extraction
  • Rinse carpet though using extraction machine in normal way with Fibre and fabric rinse (dilute 50 mls per litre water) to prevent browning or dye bleed
  • Ensure room is heated
  • Open windows for air circulation
  • Place a turbo dryer under the carpet or on top
  • Place de humidifier in room

3. Check the underlay and type of sub floor

a. If felt remove and discard

b. if rubber it can be dried and replaced or left in place after water has been removed

c. If wood carpet and underlay should be removed to allow wood sub floor to dry.

d. If you remove carpet it may shrink if lifted while wet. and should not be replaced until its been treated and dried.

4. treatment means that a solution of fibre and fabric rinse and cleansan has been rinsed through the carpet. this will stop any dye bleed or bacterial growth.