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Ian Harper

How To Clean Carpets - Crystallisation Absorption Carpet Cleaning Plus

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 Crystallisation Absorption Carpet Cleaning Plus - A Corrective Carpet Cleaning Method

Method 5 : Crystallisation Absorption Carpet Cleaning

This method will clean the top half of any carpet pile.

  • The success of the method relies totally on a crystallising foam formulation which is scrubbed into the carpet with a rotary machine.
  • The carpet cleaning solution emulsifies the soil from the carpet pile
  • The water from the carpet cleaning solution evaporates.
  • The residue harden into a dry crystal encapsulating the soil.
  • These soil crystals are then removed at a later stage by normal regular dry vacuuming.

This method is favoured by contact cleaners as its low cost and dry quickly.

Equipment From Prochem UK

  • Dry vacuum
  • A rotary machine with solution tank.
  • Two rotary brushes, soft and hard.
  • Carpet pile brush
  • Edging brush

Step 1

  • Give carpet a really good vacuum

Step 2

  • Dampen the rotary brushes

Step 3

  • Start as far from exit as possible
  • Release solution
  • Keep wire neat and tidy for safety
  • Move rotary machine on the carpet from right to left coving about 1m
  • Drop back, overlap by about 10cm
  • Agitate the shampoo, controlling the flow and not over wetting the carpet.

Step 4

Reset the pile with pile brush on carpet

Step 5

Replace all furniture with carpet protectors. and put foam blocks under any flat furniture.