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Ian Harper

How To Clean Carpets - Crystallisation Absorption Carpet Cleaning

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Crystallisation Absorption Carpet Cleaning - A Preventive Carpet Cleaning Method

Method 2 : Crystallisation Absorption Carpet Cleaning

This method is for conditions where soil levels are slightly heaver than for method one.

  • Soils is removed from the carpet by rotary agitation of a cotton bonnet pad per wet in a solution of fibre shampoo
  • Any residue left behind in carpet will crystallise.
  • Do not use or substitute cleaning product
  • This method is for use as a maintenance periodical preventive program
  • Drying times are about 30 minutes to an hour.
  • This method is not suitable for shag pile carpets

Equipment Needed From Prochem UK

  • Vacuum
  • Rotary Machine (150 rpm) or standard speed with tank
  • Bonnet Pads
  • Carpet Pile Brush
  • Edging Brush
  • Terry Towel

Step 1

Vacuum carpet

Step 2

Prepare fibre shampoo solution, pour into machine tank. 

Step 3

After fitting drive board with bonnet pad skim over carpet making sure you overlap each run by about 8cm. change pad after about 50 sq mts

Step 5

Set pile so you prevent possible rotary marks with carpet pile brush.