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Ian Harper

How Do You Clean Velvet Upholstery

2 min read

How Do You Clean Velvet Upholstery ?

Before you start to clean your velvet upholstery you will need to do some tests to find out if the fabric can be wet cleaned or is dry clean only. this article is focused on identifying if you velvet is wet or dry clean, and if its dry clean velvet how to go about cleaning your upholstery

  1. Hypersensitivity Test for cleaning velvet, you can find out how to do this test and why on the linked page.
  2. The next test will be for colour run if you have more than one colour. The test can be found at the top of the page for test 1
  3. We now need to find out what type of fabric your velvet upholstery is made from. The best way is to do what we call a burn test do not worry its safe.
  4. Now we know the type of velvet (Common types in UK are Man Made or Viscose Rayon ) you will now know if your velvet upholstery is dry clean or wet clean only.

Dry cleaning velvet upholstery can be done in your home but only by a professional carpet cleaners with the right equipment. the big problem with dry clean only is how dirty you have let your velvet become. if its only light then it can be cleaned by hand and the cost will be more than wet clean but still affordable. for more info on the method check out "Method 2 : Dry Clean Solvent/Spirit Based Spray/Towel Absorb"


If on the other hand the soil is heavy on your velvet upholstery then the cost will be much more. But will be worth that cost. "Method 5 : Dry Clean, Solvent Based Spray Extraction Treatment" The reason for the high cost is that solvents have to be used and the carpet cleaner would have to invest in equipment that is not used that much and is very expensive.