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Ian Harper

Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning?

2 min read

Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning?

The first question you need to ask is how dirty is my carpet? The answer to this question will determine what carpet cleaning method you can use. Notice I say “method” not machine. carpet cleaning is a combination of machine and products.

You will find that you will see lots of carpet cleaning marketing claiming that a carpet cleaning machine will out perform others. This is misleading, because it will be the products that break down the dirt so that it can be removed by the machine. The quality of the products are just as important as any machine.

So choosing the right method for the level of soil in a carpet is key to the cleaning of any carpet.

The three types of methods are called, “Preventive” (Light Soil) “Corrective”( Heavy Soil) and “Salvage” (Restoration/Correction)

1.  The Preventive Carpet Cleaning Method Used for light soil and regular maintenance. you have 3 methods within this category, 1. Spray and Absorb 2. Soil Adsorption/Crystallisation 3. Dry Compound Absorption. Do not worry details will follow on each method

2.  The Corrective Carpet Cleaning Method Used for heavy soiling. Again 3 methods within this category, 1. Soil Crystallisation, 2. Hot Water Extraction, 3. Combination Carpet Cleaning


3.    The Salvage Carpet Cleaning Method This method is for recovery of damaged carpets and carries some risk. It relies mostly on reactions and corrections of problems so is not something that can be guaranteed. Written disclaimers should always be signed by the customer after you have explained the risks involved.