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Ian Harper

Clean Velvet Upholstery At Home

2 min read

Clean Velvet Upholstery At Home

Its is totally possible to clean velvet upholstery at home. Velvet is a finish and is made from different types of fibres. Its these fibres that are your main worry. If you clean velvet made from Viscose Rayon you will damage it. if its man made like acrylic velvet you should be fine if done properly


Clean Velvet Upholstery At Home Made From Acrylic

a) if you velvet upholstery has a label that identifies it as acrylic velvet then you can proceed, if not you will need to test the fibre to find out what its made from


b) Identify your fibre with some test. The first test is called a burn test, do not worry its safe and this page ( How To Clean Sofas – The Burn Test ) will explain how to do this test. Next test is called The Hypersensitivity Test, you can find out full details on this test here ( How To Clean Sofas – The Hypersensitivity Test )


c) Now you know the fibre you can now proceed to "Clean Velvet Upholstery At Home" The method you use will depend on the soil level of you velvet upholstery.


Light soil wet clean velvet upholstery Method 1 : Water Based Solution, Spray/Towel Absorb

Heavy soil wet clean velvet upholstery Method 4 : Soil Extraction, Pre Spray And Extraction Treatment

Light soil dry clean velvet upholstery Method 2 : Dry Clean Solvent/Spirit Based Spray/Towel Absorb

Heavy soil dry clean only velvet upholstery (professional cleaning only) Method 5 : Dry Clean, Solvent Based Spray Extraction Treatment